Discover Derby Style

Ever dream of Derby hats and fashion? Goshen Valley’s sixth Annual Fashion show, Discover Derby Style, is right around the corner! It will be a fun afternoon of delicious food, fashion, and fellowship. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from Goshen Valleys Boys Ranch Director Stacy Cooper for a personal view of the Ranch and the youth we serve. The event will be held on May 7th at 11:30am at the acclaimed Country Club of Roswell.  All proceeds benefit the Goshen Valley Foundation.  Goshen Valley Foundation is the state of Georgia’s leading nonprofit Foster Care provider, serving young women, men, and children in the state foster care system. Headquartered in Canton, GA, Goshen Valley Foundation is comprised of three operating programs, with over 75 young people currently in our care.

Alice and Stan Smith first learned about Goshen Valley through their membership at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Atlanta, Georgia where they were early supporters of the Goshen mission.  In 2009 upon Alice’s passing, her daughters Stephenie Cook, Leslee Frost and Allison Smith established the Alice Smith Memorial Fund in her memory. In 2012, Stephenie Cook,  Alice and Stan’s eldest daughter, passed away and the  Fashion Show is now in loving memory of two wonderful women, Alice and Stephenie, who both had a passion for changing the lives of the youth Goshen Valley Serves.Generate Samurai siege Diamond

Smith and Frost were quoted recently stating, “Goshen Valley has been a part of our family for many years and we take great pride in hosting the Fashion Show as a small way we can give back to the kids in care at Goshen Valley. We hope that you can join us at this year’s event and experience a small piece of how Goshen Valley helps the kids in foster care in Georgia.”

Community support is one of the key drivers in providing our youth with a successful place to call home and the necessary resources to have a hopeful future. We strive to go above and beyond the bare minimum to ensure these young people are provided with the best care possible. Consider joining us or sending someone for a fashionable day to support the foster youth in our community.

Want to Foster? We offer IMPACT Training!

Goshen Valley will be offering IMPACT training through our Goshen Homes program. Our 2-day training will take place on:Movie Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

May 21, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

May 22, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Trainings will take place in our Canton Office:

505 Brown Industrial Pkwy, Suite 200

Canton GA 30114


IMPACT was developed by the Georgia Department of Human Resources, Division of Family and Children Services to prepare resource families for the joys and challenges of fostering and adopting. IMPACT addresses the entire service continuum from initial inquiry through completion of the family evaluation. IMPACT training is required by all perspective foster and adoptive parents.

Questions? Email [email protected]


Sign up here!

Mountain Biking: A New Adventure

Imagine you hear and feel the wind on your face as you are racing down a hill. The speed is thrilling but you can't still that small voice that is telling you that you could be in danger. Your senses are on high alert because you are not sure what lies around the next bend; hills, roots, rocks or perhaps a wild animal. Now you are faced with a mountain of a climb; your legs are aching, your heart is pounding, and your lungs are burning. You want to stop but what would your partner think? Your parched throat is begging for relief but you can't help but notice how great you feel, all the while surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. This is an adventure on two wheels, this is mountain biking.

Goshen Valley Boys Ranch wants this experience for our youth. Mountain biking can connect on youth to sport, nature and to a greater community. Mountain biking broadens our youth's horizons by traveling to new trails and learning new skills. Biking also builds team work and responsibility by giving them a bike to take care of and maintain.

There is a longing that our young men possess to compete, find adventure, and to connect to a sport and community. Due to the difficult circumstances our youth have come from, many of them have never participated in an organized sport, or engaged in recreational events. Many of our boys have no idea what it feels like to snow ski, water ski, hunt, score a touchdown, climb a mountain, kayak, or ride a bike. Goshen hopes that by starting a mountain biking program, we can continue to fill the "void" in the lives of our youth and provide amazing opportunities all the while cheering them on.

Goshen Valley has partnered with Sixes Pit Bike Shop. Sixes Pit owner Angel Rivera and his wife Nicole have graciously agreed to help Goshen start a mountain bike program. You can help too! There are three ways to get involved:

  1. Visit Sixes Pit and purchase a bike for Goshen youth. Simply let them know you want to buy a bike for Goshen and they will direct you to a few different bikes that you can choose from.
  2. Donate any amount HERE. Choose to give to the "General Fund" and simply note "mountain bike" in the comments section and your contribution will go towards purchasing mountain bikes from Sixes Pit for our youth.
  3. Attend the Sheriff Department's Bike Rodeo at Bridgemill in Canton, GA on October 24th and purchase raffle tickets. The proceeds from the event will benefit Goshen Valley.

Sixes Pit

Don Baines

Goshen Valley Boys Ranch

A Father to the Fatherless - House Parent Chad Lewis

Our Heavenly Father gave all men the blueprint we need to be the type of father he wants us to be, and with that blueprint, I chose to be a father to the fatherless. I did this knowing that the role of a father is one of the most dangerous things in our world. Without even knowing it, fathers create dreams, build hope, grant wisdom, and impart confidence. They show their daughters how to value themselves and silently instruct their sons on what type of man they should be. The flip side of the coin is that, as a father, it is just as easy to crush dreams, destroy hope, corrupt wisdom, and instill fear. This can happen with a look, a few words, a reaction, or simply the lack of any of those. This is what our boys have experienced.

So, why do I want to be a father to these boys that will likely never see me as their father? Most of my friends and family think I am crazy for choosing this as my profession and placing myself in this particular mission field. The answer is very simple: I was designed to be father. I was called, quested, molded, and created to be a father. With that, I have accepted a life of harsh realities that I contend with every day as a father to those that do not see me that way. Many of these kids don’t have fathers of their own, and if they do, many of them don’t have positive memories to connect with them. As the ‘father’ in my home, I have to re-teach these boys what the definition of ‘father’ is. As house parent, I have to try to fill that void even if it’s only for a short time.

I do this for these boys in hopes that, perhaps for the first time, they can see in me a type of love that is pure, untainted, uncorrupted, and full of acceptance. It’s my hope that I can show them a glimmer of what love can be like from a Father that we can all share.

Today is a day to celebrate Fathers; so I ask you, what will you do to celebrate your father and our Father? For most of us, we have had they type of father who has helped us create our dreams, build up our hopes and granted us many words of wisdom throughout the years. Let us be thankful and show our gratitude. God’s vision for us is not simply ‘don’t do the don’ts.' For Father’s Day, give the gift of action. Act on faith, act on love, and act on obedience. Don’t just ‘don’t do the don’ts’, but ‘do the do’s.'


- Chad Lewis, House Parent, Goshen Valley Boys Ranch

Goshen Valley Classic

10th Annual Goshen Valley Classic

Monday, October 19, 2015

Cherokee Town and Country Club

Click here to access our new Goshen Valley Classic website and register for the event!

3rd Annual Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Luncheon

Please join us for this year’s 3rd Annual Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Luncheon!

Click HERE to reserve your seat.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The Bluffs Cherokee Conference Center

1130 Bluffs Pkwy

Canton GA 30114

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Redeemer Day 2015

Will be rescheduled for a date TBD soon. Stay tuned!

History of the Goshen Valley Classic

In preparation for next year’s 10th Annual Goshen Valley Classic, we wanted to share a brief history of Goshen’s longest-running fundraiser:

  • First held in 2005 at Atlanta National Golf Club
  • 2015 will be the 10th Annual Classic
  • Held at Cherokee Country Club since 2007
  • Several sponsors have supported us every year since 2005
  • We have an incredible group of volunteers, such as the McDonnell Group, Martha Blanchard and Dianne DePuy, that help us each year including months of pre-planning

Highlights from this year:

  • We had over 20 volunteers and 10 Goshen Valley employees who made the day happen
  • This year, we raised a record total of over $150,000
  • Next year, the Goshen Valley Classic will be held on Monday, October 12th at Cherokee Country Club


Goshen Community Care Open House, September 23rd

The Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce “After Hours” was held at Goshen Community Care a few weeks ago on Tuesday, September 23rd from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. Over 70 people from local business owners to political officials enjoyed appetizers and networking, toured our new space, heard about our new programs and learned about our partnership with WellStar Health Systems, the event sponsor.




The night was such a success and achieved our goal of spreading the news about our new initiative, CHINS, in caring for our broader community through a partnership with the Juvenile Justice Courts and our Independent Living Program (NGNB).

We also talked briefly about the journey of our partnership with WellStar Health Systems. The support they’ve given us over the past three years has been invaluable, including being the title sponsor for the Goshen Valley Classic for the second year. They’ve also given us funding to help launch the Goshen Community Care program and its building, Goshen House.




Thanks to all who attended! We’re so happy that this event was such a success. If you have any questions about the event, contact JoNell Courson at [email protected]

Read about the opening of Goshen Community Care in "Expanded nonprofit helps troubled youth" on The Cherokee Ledger-News.

Press Release:

Goshen Valley Announces Addition of Goshen Community Care

Goshen Community Care will add several programs to aid in the efforts of Goshen Valley

ATLANTA (Sept. 22, 2014) – Goshen Valley announces the addition of Goshen Community Care, with a Cherokee County Chamber "After Hours" event sponsored by WellStar. This is free to attend on Sept. 23, 2014 from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. at 200 West Main Street in Canton, Georgia.

The organization currently includes The Goshen Valley Ranch, a nonprofit residential program serving youth in the state foster care system in hopes of leading them to a productive life. Through the Community Care program, Goshen is better able to provide the support and services that many of these youth need which directly benefits the Cherokee County community.

Goshen Community Care houses several different programs and services:

  • CHINS Coordination Services
    • Goshen Valley has partnered with the Cherokee County Juvenile Court to make informed decisions and provide referral services regarding at-risk youth.
  • North Georgia New Beginnings
    • Offers an Independent Living Program for both men and women between the ages of 18 and 21 including apartments for participants and medical coverage. Through the program, participants are equipped with skills to become successful adults, through higher education and employment opportunities.
  • Community Alliance Resource Center
    • The resource center serves as the main location for the Abuse Resource Center (ARC) virtual monitoring program. It also provides a location for group meetings, workshops, and conferences hosted by community partners and local organizations.
  • Complex Trauma Resource Center
    • Individuals who have experienced trauma can seek recovery and healing from clinicians providing trauma assessments.

“Goshen Valley has long relied on the important and caring support of the many community partners that makes Cherokee County a special and safe place to call home,” said Goshen Valley board chair, John Blend. “With the encouragement of the partners, Goshen Valley is pleased to open Goshen Community Care, Cherokee County's Family Care Alliance. Special thanks goes to our friends at WellStar Health System for making this milestone a reality."

The 9th Annual Goshen Valley Classic will be held Monday, Oct. 13, 2014 at the renowned Cherokee Country Club. Proceeds from the golf tournament will benefit Goshen Valley efforts including both the Goshen Valley Ranch and the Community Care programs.

To learn more please visit


About Goshen Valley
Goshen Valley is a residence for youth ages 11-21 in the foster care system. The ranch provides a family environment while supporting family reunification, adoption efforts and transition into the community. Home to more than 40 boys, and now home to girls 18-21 through its Georgia New Beginnings Program, Goshen offers a foundation for young people to transform their burdens to blessings by cultivating safety, wellness and purpose. Recently, Goshen Valley received its accreditation from the internationally recognized Council on Accreditation Follow Goshen Valley: Twitter; Facebook. Find out more about the Goshen Valley and its mission at


Family Christian’s 22nd Mission Trip to Goshen Valley

We’re excited that Family Christian is joining us on the ranch this week for their 22nd mission trip.

A long-term partner of Goshen Valley, Family Christian was founded as a part of “Zondervan” in 1931 in a farmhouse in Grandville, Michigan. From there, they opened their first bookstore in 1932 and continued to expand, establishing “Family Bookstore” and opening stores out of state. In 1997, they officially renamed their business Family Christian and now have 280 stores in 36 states. In 2013, they became a nonprofit and now give ALL of their earnings to Christian charities like ours.

Family Christian began mission trips in 2010 for employees who have been at the company for more than one year. Employees come from all over the US to do service projects, capital improvements and relationship building, which is one of the best things about our partnership.

Family Christian has, one missionary at a time, significantly shaped the culture of Goshen Valley.

Many Family Christian employees have visited Goshen Valley on mission trips two to five times over the years which have caused them to develop real, long term relationships. They have a huge impact on our young men who learn how to interact with people they don’t know and receive love and praise from people who truly want to support them. Many young men experience profound life-change during the weeks the mission teams visit. Through these trips we have seen relationships result in two adoptions, including their former CEO adopting one of our young men.

Our relationship with Family Christian is a part of our DNA! They support us in countless ways each and everyday.

Family Christian will be at Goshen Valley from September 15th-19th. Visit their website to learn more about them!

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