Mountain Biking: A New Adventure

Imagine you hear and feel the wind on your face as you are racing down a hill. The speed is thrilling but you can’t still that small voice that is telling you that you could be in danger. Your senses are on high alert because you are not sure what lies around the next bend; hills, roots, rocks or perhaps a wild animal. Now you are faced with a mountain of a climb; your legs are aching, your heart is pounding, and your lungs are burning. You want to stop but what would your partner think? Your parched throat is begging for relief but you can’t help but notice how great you feel, all the while surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. This is an adventure on two wheels, this is mountain biking.

Goshen Valley Boys Ranch wants this experience for our youth. Mountain biking can connect on youth to sport, nature and to a greater community. Mountain biking broadens our youth’s horizons by traveling to new trails and learning new skills. Biking also builds team work and responsibility by giving them a bike to take care of and maintain.

There is a longing that our young men possess to compete, find adventure, and to connect to a sport and community. Due to the difficult circumstances our youth have come from, many of them have never participated in an organized sport, or engaged in recreational events. Many of our boys have no idea what it feels like to snow ski, water ski, hunt, score a touchdown, climb a mountain, kayak, or ride a bike. Goshen hopes that by starting a mountain biking program, we can continue to fill the “void” in the lives of our youth and provide amazing opportunities all the while cheering them on.

Goshen Valley has partnered with Sixes Pit Bike Shop. Sixes Pit owner Angel Rivera and his wife Nicole have graciously agreed to help Goshen start a mountain bike program. You can help too! There are three ways to get involved:

  1. Visit Sixes Pit and purchase a bike for Goshen youth. Simply let them know you want to buy a bike for Goshen and they will direct you to a few different bikes that you can choose from.
  2. Donate any amount HERE. Choose to give to the “General Fund” and simply note “mountain bike” in the comments section and your contribution will go towards purchasing mountain bikes from Sixes Pit for our youth.
  3. Attend the Sheriff Department’s Bike Rodeo at Bridgemill in Canton, GA on October 24th and purchase raffle tickets. The proceeds from the event will benefit Goshen Valley.

Sixes Pit

Don Baines

Goshen Valley Boys Ranch