A Father to the Fatherless – House Parent Chad Lewis

Our Heavenly Father gave all men the blueprint we need to be the type of father he wants us to be, and with that blueprint, I chose to be a father to the fatherless. I did this knowing that the role of a father is one of the most dangerous things in our world. Without even knowing it, fathers create dreams, build hope, grant wisdom, and impart confidence. They show their daughters how to value themselves and silently instruct their sons on what type of man they should be. The flip side of the coin is that, as a father, it is just as easy to crush dreams, destroy hope, corrupt wisdom, and instill fear. This can happen with a look, a few words, a reaction, or simply the lack of any of those. This is what our boys have experienced.

So, why do I want to be a father to these boys that will likely never see me as their father? Most of my friends and family think I am crazy for choosing this as my profession and placing myself in this particular mission field. The answer is very simple: I was designed to be father. I was called, quested, molded, and created to be a father. With that, I have accepted a life of harsh realities that I contend with every day as a father to those that do not see me that way. Many of these kids don’t have fathers of their own, and if they do, many of them don’t have positive memories to connect with them. As the ‘father’ in my home, I have to re-teach these boys what the definition of ‘father’ is. As house parent, I have to try to fill that void even if it’s only for a short time.

I do this for these boys in hopes that, perhaps for the first time, they can see in me a type of love that is pure, untainted, uncorrupted, and full of acceptance. It’s my hope that I can show them a glimmer of what love can be like from a Father that we can all share.

Today is a day to celebrate Fathers; so I ask you, what will you do to celebrate your father and our Father? For most of us, we have had they type of father who has helped us create our dreams, build up our hopes and granted us many words of wisdom throughout the years. Let us be thankful and show our gratitude. God’s vision for us is not simply ‘don’t do the don’ts.’ For Father’s Day, give the gift of action. Act on faith, act on love, and act on obedience. Don’t just ‘don’t do the don’ts’, but ‘do the do’s.’


– Chad Lewis, House Parent, Goshen Valley Boys Ranch