Audit Scores

Goshen Valley is audited by two different agencies: The Office of Provider Management (OPM) and The Office of Residential Child Care (ORCC). These scores are a public record to inform our community so they can place children in the most appropriate settings.  Public scores also help providers to maintain accountability as we continue to compete to provide outstanding levels of care. Please download our most recent audit scorecard for the audit results.

OPM  Quarterly Audit Score:
  • Boys’ Ranch: 108
  • New Beginnings: 105
  • Goshen Homes: 102

More Info

OPM is governed by the Department of Human Services, Division of Family and Children Services.  OPM ensures we are complying with performance based contracts. These focus on ensuring that the child’s best interest is at the forefront of our organization including evaluation of a child’s overall happiness and quality of services.  Goshen Valley maintains records to track all aspects of a child’s experience including

  • Health
  • Education
  • Recreation
  • Vocation (life skills)
  • Mental health & Therapy
  • Daily living and home life
  • Legal and case plans
  • Child rights
  • Spiritual opportunities
  • Discharge plans
  • Case management

ORCC is governed by the Department of Human Services and audits Goshen Valley on an annual basis.  They provide the license for Goshen Valley and focus on the safety of our homes, security, health regulations, emergency protocol, background checks and incident reports.  This is a pass or fail audit.  Results can be found online through the DHS website.