Family Christian’s 22nd Mission Trip to Goshen Valley

We’re excited that Family Christian is joining us on the ranch this week for their 22nd mission trip.

A long-term partner of Goshen Valley, Family Christian was founded as a part of “Zondervan” in 1931 in a farmhouse in Grandville, Michigan. From there, they opened their first bookstore in 1932 and continued to expand, establishing “Family Bookstore” and opening stores out of state. In 1997, they officially renamed their business Family Christian and now have 280 stores in 36 states. In 2013, they became a nonprofit and now give ALL of their earnings to Christian charities like ours.

Family Christian began mission trips in 2010 for employees who have been at the company for more than one year. Employees come from all over the US to do service projects, capital improvements and relationship building, which is one of the best things about our partnership.

Family Christian has, one missionary at a time, significantly shaped the culture of Goshen Valley.

Many Family Christian employees have visited Goshen Valley on mission trips two to five times over the years which have caused them to develop real, long term relationships. They have a huge impact on our young men who learn how to interact with people they don’t know and receive love and praise from people who truly want to support them. Many young men experience profound life-change during the weeks the mission teams visit. Through these trips we have seen relationships result in two adoptions, including their former CEO adopting one of our young men.

Our relationship with Family Christian is a part of our DNA! They support us in countless ways each and everyday.

Family Christian will be at Goshen Valley from September 15th-19th. Visit their website to learn more about them!

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