A Home for Every Heart: Goshen Homes Unveiled 

In the realm of foster care, the bond between siblings is often the one constant amid a sea of uncertainty. Recognizing the profound importance of keeping these bonds intact, Goshen Homes was established for the purpose of maintaining sibling bonds in order to provide hope and stability. Join us as we unravel the heartwarming narrative of Goshen Homes, a program dedicated to providing stable and loving environments for foster siblings. 

Goshen Homes Launches 

The inception of Goshen Homes was born out of a simple yet heartfelt realization – the sisters of boys at the Ranch needed a place where they could be together with their brothers. Rather than building a separate facility, Goshen chose a path of unity and compassion by focusing on sibling reunification foster homes. Thus, Goshen Homes was born, with the goal to recruit, train, license, and support foster families dedicated to keeping sibling groups together. 

The Need for Change 

In the tumultuous world of foster care, the separation of siblings is a heartbreaking reality faced by many. Siblings are often our closest and longest relationships, even longer than those with our parents. When kids are removed from their parents, they experience a “first trauma.” If they are then separated from their siblings, they face a second trauma, often just as bad, and usually due to logistical issues rather than safety concerns. This separation is especially hard as older siblings often take on parental roles in neglectful situations, adding to the disorientation. 

Yet, amidst the chaos, Goshen Homes stands as a beacon of hope, committed to rewriting this narrative. Their mission is to provide stable, loving environments where siblings can thrive together. Through a comprehensive approach, Goshen Homes empowers foster families to create nurturing homes that prioritize the bonds of siblinghood above all else. 

Voices from Goshen Homes 

We believe that trauma is a puzzle best solved when all of the pieces of the puzzle are present in one home. Siblings have a shared history and experience that no one else on earth can understand. The older sister who speaks on behalf of her baby brother to help a foster parent understand his needs cannot be replaced. She knows. She has the ability to lessen his trauma, and he, hers, by his very presence, as she is allowed to watch him heal and be well cared for while in foster care. Sibling relationships are the longest lasting relationships we have. We should hold those bonds to the highest esteem and nourish them whenever possible.

Jennifer Earnest, Goshen Foster Parent 

Keeping siblings together is very important when going through foster care because you have all shared the same experience, know what happened, can heal together, and develop the correct type of relationship you should have had from the start.

Destiny Roden, Goshen Homes Alumni & current participant in Goshen New Beginnings 

Here at Goshen Homes, we strive to keep siblings together as we have seen the bond between siblings strengthen during their time with us, they excel educationally, have fewer behaviors, all while getting to remain together until permanency is achieved.

Rebecca Catalano, Goshen Case Manager 

For a closer look at the incredible work of Goshen Homes and the lives it transforms, we invite you to watch this video. 

Celebrating Belonging 

As we celebrate the journey of Goshen Homes, we are reminded of the impact that a supportive family setting can have on the well-being of children in foster care. From shared laughter to moments of quiet reflection, these homes become sanctuaries of love and stability, where every heart finds a place to belong. Through its unwavering commitment to keeping siblings together, Goshen Homes not only creates homes but also fosters a sense of belonging that transcends the confines of physical space. Join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of Goshen Homes and the countless hearts it continues to touch and uplift. 

Join us in supporting this incredible initiative and spreading the word about the vital importance of sibling unity in foster care. Together, we can create a world where every child finds a home for their heart.