Celebrating Our Graduates: Bright Futures Ahead! 

We are thrilled to announce that Goshen Valley has three remarkable high school graduates this year! Each of these young individuals has shown incredible dedication and perseverance. 

Graduating high school is a significant milestone for any student, but it holds even greater importance for foster youth. Statistically, 50% of foster youth do not graduate high school, and many are not set up for success when they leave the system. This lack of support can lead to alarming rates of homelessness, drug addiction, and trafficking. 

Today, we would like to highlight Alex, who entered care with Goshen New Beginnings at the age of 17. Alex has overcome numerous challenges and is now excited to pursue a career in computer programming. His journey has been one of resilience and determination, and we are committed to supporting Alex with mentorship and resources as he embarks on this path.  

Click here to learn more about Alex’s experiences and how Goshen Valley played a pivotal role in shaping his future.  

This graduating class of 2024 at Goshen Valley was made possible through a combination of hard work from these youth and a great deal of support from our Education Support Staff. Their dedication to the success of our youth has been instrumental in reaching this milestone. 

Please join us in congratulating Alex and all our graduates on their outstanding achievements. Their futures are bright, and we couldn’t be prouder! 

You can congratulate these grads and support education at Goshen Valley by donating today. Together, we can continue to provide the support and resources our youth need to succeed.