Honoring Independence: Matthew’s Inspiring Journey from Goshen Valley to the U.S. Army

In honor of the upcoming Independence Day Holiday, we’re excited to share an inspiring story about one of our alumni, Matthew, who continues to make us proud. Matthew, now 26, lived at Goshen Valley Boys Ranch from ages 10 to 14, and he’s currently serving in the U.S. Army as a Religious Affairs Specialist. 

Matthew’s journey is a testament to the incredible impact Goshen Valley can have on a young person’s life. When Matthew came to us, he was a young boy in need of support and guidance. At The Ranch he experienced the love and care of our dedicated team, along with the kindness of volunteers. These interactions left a lasting impression on Matthew, inspiring him to serve others in his own way. 

Now, as a Religious Affairs Specialist in the Army, Matthew is making a difference in the lives of his fellow soldiers. His role involves providing spiritual support and ensuring the well-being of those around him—a mission that resonates deeply with the values he embraced during his years at Goshen Valley. Matthew’s commitment to service and his dedication to helping others are truly inspiring. 

“Goshen’s had a large impact on my life, and it is initially what got my faith rolling.” 

We couldn’t be prouder of Matthew and all that he has accomplished. His story is a beautiful reminder of why we do what we do here at Goshen Valley. Every day, we work to create a positive impact in the lives of the children and teens who come through our doors, and it’s stories like Matthew’s that remind us of the lasting difference we can make. 

Matthew is one of 12 Goshen alumni who have entered the US Military, and we are grateful for all that these young men continue to do both to serve our country, and to make Goshen proud. To all of our alumni in the armed forces, as well as all of the other 1,000+ youth who have spent time living at Goshen, know that you are always a part of the Goshen family. We are here cheering you on and celebrating your successes. Thank you for continuing to inspire us and for carrying forward the spirit of Goshen Valley in all that you do. 

Here’s to Matthew and all our amazing alumni—your journeys fill us with hope and pride!