Providing loving family environments to youth in foster care while keeping siblings together and in their home community.

Imagine being told as a child that you will be entering foster care. You will not be going to the home you know or seeing the parents that have raised you. This is quite a jarring experience for a young mind to comprehend.

Unfortunately for many youth the bad news continues. On top of being separated from your known comforts, you will be moving far away. You have to move to a new community and a new school because there are no open foster homes nearby. And to make matters worse, imagine being told that your siblings will be going to a different home because the family doesn’t have room for all of you. You are now a child separated from your home, parents, and siblings, left feeling very alone on this new journey.

Goshen Homes was founded in January 2015 in response to these problems. We aim to keep kids in foster care in the community where they have grown up. We aim to keep kids in school systems and churches they are familiar with. Most importantly, we aim to keep siblings together, or bring them back together, during their time in foster care.

Interested in becoming a foster parent?

Here are some frequent questions we often get from people who want to know more about fostering:

Q: How is Goshen Homes different from any other Child Placing Agency?

At Goshen Homes, we are looking for foster families that are willing to take more than one child in an effort to keep siblings together when they enter foster care. Unlike other agencies, we provide an enhanced financial model and therapeutic programing that includes support and training to ensure our families have what they need to take in sibling groups.

Q: What responsibilities does the foster parent have?

Foster parents are responsible for 24/7 care of the children in their home. Children in foster care have unique needs and may require counseling, visitation with birth parents and other needed appointments while in the foster home. With the help of Goshen Homes staff, foster parents ensure that the children’s physical, emotional, spiritual, medical and educational needs are met. This includes coordination, transportation and advocacy for children placed in their home.

Q: Does a Goshen Homes foster family have a say in choosing children?

Yes. Goshen Homes serves children between the ages of 0-18. During the home study process you will discuss the type and number of children you are interested in fostering or what might be the best mach for your household.

Q: How long do foster children stay in care?

The length of time varies according to the needs of the children and their families. Some children are placed briefly (a few days) while some remain for months to years.

Q: Are there costs involved to become a Goshen Homes foster parent?

As a foster parent you must prove financial stability as a part of the home study process. However, Goshen recognizes the financial burden that comes with adding multiple children to your household. Goshen does not want your financial status to be a barrier to ministry and therefore is prepared to assess your financial needs and offer an enhanced financial model that may include assistance with housing costs, food, transportation and potential salary for stay-at-home parents. Financial assistance varies depending on how many children you are fostering.

Contact Information

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Ongoing Needs

  • Foster parents
  • Respite parents
  • Donated meals
  • Toiletries and household supplies
  • Baby supplies (New)
  • Toys (New)
  • New or gently used children's clothing
  • New car seats, infant seats with base
  • Pack & Plays (New)
  • Toddler beds
  • Gift certificates to activity centers