Healing Hearts: The Goshen Valley Boys Ranch 

In the heart of Salacoa Valley, amidst sprawling landscapes and tranquil vistas, lies a place of profound significance – Goshen Valley Boys Ranch. Within its nurturing embrace, young men in foster care find peace and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Today, we embark on a journey through the narrative of the Goshen Valley Boys Ranch, where every chapter includes stories of resilience and transformation. 


Goshen Valley Boys Ranch emerged from a vision to rewrite the narrative for young men in foster care. In 1981, John and Connie Blend purchased 20 acres in the serene Salacoa Valley, envisioning it as a family hobby farm. Little did they know this land would become the cornerstone of a transformative initiative. Born out of a desire to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children, John’s journey with Goshen Valley began in 1993. Settled in Atlanta with his family, John learned of a noble initiative to establish a group home for foster children. The missing piece? Land. Without hesitation, John and Connie dedicated their land to serve vulnerable children, laying the groundwork for what would become Goshen Valley. This act of selflessness and compassion set the stage for a journey of hope and transformation. 

In 2001, Goshen Valley welcomed its first resident, Jared, to the Goshen Valley Boys Ranch, marking the beginning of a journey that would see the expansion and evolution of Goshen’s impact. Far too often, these boys find themselves in environments devoid of love and stability, where hope flickers dimly. The Boys Ranch stands as a beacon of light, offering sanctuary to over 40 young boys between the ages of 8 to 18. 

A Unique Approach 

What sets Goshen Valley Boys Ranch apart is its comprehensive approach to healing and growth. It is not just about providing a roof overhead; it is about fostering an environment that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. Therapeutic counseling forms the cornerstone of this approach, guiding each young resident on a journey of healing. Alongside counseling, education takes center stage. Every boy receives access to public school education, ensuring that academic growth parallels personal development. Moreover, the comprehensive recreation program promotes physical wellness and adds camaraderie to daily life, fostering bonds that transcend mere friendship. 

“The Family Model is the foundation of our ministry. We believe that the greatest goal for our boys is to learn how to love and be loved and that the family is the best vehicle to teach this. Our prayer for our boys is that they will experience the safety of a home, the love of a family and the hope of a future.”

Stacy Cooper, Executive Director of Goshen Valley Boys Ranch

Stories of Transformation 

Within the walls of the Goshen Valley Boys Ranch, transformation thrives. Meet Zach Quiros, once a boy living at the Ranch and then a young adult in the New Beginnings program – Zach is now a graduate from Georgia State University. “When I think of Goshen, I think of family, I think of love, I just find comfort… All of the skills I need to be successful in life as an adult, I’ve been able to refine over the last couple of years in Goshen,” said Zach. This story, and countless others, bear testament to the profound impact of love, support, and unwavering dedication of the Goshen Valley Boys Ranch. 

The Core Mission 

At the heart of Goshen Valley Boys Ranch lies a singular mission – to nurture growth, heal wounded hearts, and ignite the flame of hope in every young boy that walks through its doors. It is not just about providing temporary refuge; it is about sowing the seeds of possibility and watching them transform into a bright future. 

As we trace the footsteps of the Goshen Valley Boys Ranch journey, we are reminded of the profound power of compassion, community, and unwavering determination. Each day, as the sun rises over the valley, it brings a new day filled with endless possibilities for these boys and their families. Join us in celebrating the spirit of resilience, the journey of transformation, and the unwavering hope that defines the essence of Goshen Valley Boys Ranch.