2023 Audit Scores

Goshen’s audit scores have once again come back in the excellent range for our work in 2023. All fostering agencies are audited multiple times each year and graded on a 0-110 scale, essentially a test with 10 bonus points. Anything over 100 is considered excellent, showing that the organization is providing great outcomes, permanency, and safety for its youth. 

Our previous year’s audits in each agency scored in the excellent range as well, but they continued to improve this year! Goshen’s updated scores are: 

Goshen Valley Boys Ranch: 108.2% 

Goshen Homes: 105.6% 

Goshen New Beginnings: 104.4% 

We are sharing these scores so that you can rest assured that your trust is founded in data and facts, along with the great individual stories and outcomes of our youth. 

We greatly appreciate the continued support and trust from our supporters and the community.  

To research GAScore audit scores more in depth, visit https://www.gascore.com/providerscores/. You’ll find last year’s (Quarter 4: 4/1/23 – 6/30/23) Goshen agency scores on page 93 of Child Caring Institutions, page 92 of Child Placing Agencies, and page 35 of Transitional Living Programs and Independent Living Programs.