New Beginnings, Lasting Impact: The Story of Goshen New Beginnings 

In the transition from foster care to independent adulthood, countless young adults find themselves navigating uncharted waters, often without the support and guidance they desperately need. However, amidst this uncertainty, there shines a beacon of hope – Goshen New Beginnings. Today, we delve into the narrative of Goshen New Beginnings, a program dedicated to fostering fresh starts and empowering young adults for a successful future. 

Goshen New Beginnings Launches 

In 2012, recognizing the need for continued support beyond the age of 18, Goshen took a bold step forward. Building upon its success in nurturing young men to a healthy place by age 18, the foundation expanded its scope and launched Goshen New Beginnings. This Independent Living Program was specifically designed for foster youth aged 18-21, with a renewed mission to guide them into lifelong thriving independence. This pivotal moment marked a new chapter in Goshen’s journey, reaffirming its commitment to supporting young adults through every stage of their transition into independent living. 

The Need for Change 

For too long, the statistics surrounding youth aging out of foster care have been disheartening. From cycles of addiction to homelessness and incarceration, the odds have been stacked against these resilient individuals. However, Goshen New Beginnings stands as a catalyst for change, determined to rewrite this narrative and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.  

By actively engaging with youth in foster care, we can address three staggering statistics: 

  • Reduce PTSD – former foster youth are 5x more likely to develop PTSD 
  • Reduce Homelessness – 25% of former foster youth will experience homelessness within 4 years 
  • Reduce Drug Dependency – former foster youth are 7x more likely to develop a drug dependency 

Through our efforts and interventions, we aim not just to mitigate these risks but to empower these individuals to thrive and break the cycle of adversity. 

Core Services 

At the heart of Goshen New Beginnings are three pillars of support: employment, education, and life skills. Recognizing the importance of sustainable employment, the program works closely with local companies to provide mentoring opportunities and career pathways for young adults. Moreover, education is championed as a cornerstone of independence, with guidance offered for college, technical school, GED programs, or professional certifications. Additionally, life skills training equips participants with the essential tools needed to navigate the complexities of adulthood, from personal finance management to resume building. 

Success Stories 

The true measure of Goshen New Beginnings’ impact lies in the success stories of its participants. Meet Arkeya, who, armed with newfound confidence and skills, learned how to drive, and bought her first car and is now pursuing her dreams by attending Chattahoochee Tech’s cosmetology program. Or Kendrick, who overcame past difficulties and is now thriving in college and working towards his dream of being a writer. These stories serve as a testament to the transformative power of empowerment.

At Goshen New Beginnings, our goal is to ensure the success of our youth by meeting them where they are through relationships filled with compassion, grace, patience, and lots of fun.

Giselle Espinal-Francis 

The Importance of Empowerment 

Above all, Goshen New Beginnings emphasizes the importance of empowerment. By providing a supportive environment and equipping young adults with the tools they need to succeed, the program instills a sense of agency and self-determination. Through empowerment, individuals not only find the strength to overcome obstacles but also the courage to pursue their dreams and aspirations. 

As we reflect on the journey of Goshen New Beginnings, we are reminded of the profound impact that support, guidance, and empowerment can have on the lives of young adults aging out of foster care. With each fresh start comes the promise of a brighter tomorrow, filled with endless possibilities. Join us in celebrating the transformative power of new beginnings and the lasting impact of our Goshen New Beginnings program.