A Home Run for Foster Awareness

Congratulations to Goshen Homes foster parent Kelly Middleton for being honored on the field at a recent Savannah Bananas game! Kelly, along with the children in her home, had the chance to be Very Important Bananas (VIBs) and the team celebrated her years of service as a foster parent. 

Bananas Foster, the nonprofit arm of The Savannah Bananas, recognizes the importance of supporting foster families and raising awareness about the foster care system. By extending invitations to foster families, they are not only providing a fun outing but also shining a spotlight on the needs of children in foster care and the dedicated families who open their hearts and homes to them. 

Goshen Homes staff nominated longtime foster parent Kelly Middleton for this experience. Kelly was nominated due to her immense track record as a foster mother for the last 15 years. Kelly started her foster journey in Ohio in 2008 where she provided a safe and loving home to 52 children, adopting 6, over her 13 years. Kelly became a Goshen Homes foster mom in 2021. Since that time, Kelly has served 23 more children, all of whom have been sibling groups who would have otherwise likely been separated. Kelly’s ability to come through for the kids in her home is unwavering. Since joining Goshen Homes, Kelly has had a 100% reunification rate with no disruptions.  

Kelly won the nomination and was invited to Savannah to attend a Bananas game with her foster children as well as her biological and adopted children. The family spent the entire day on the field with both teams. The kids were able to spend several hours with the team before the game on the field, and Kelly was invited to throw out the First Banana- the team’s version of a first pitch. The kids received gloves, bats, jerseys, hats, and much more, creating memories they will cherish forever.  

Thank you to the Savannah Bananas for celebrating foster parents like Kelly, and a huge thank you to Kelly for all that she has done as a Goshen Homes foster parent. To learn more about fostering with Goshen, visit Goshenvalley.org/home