Greg’s Story


Greg came to live at Goshen Valley when he was 16. Greg was from Atlanta and had no desire to live in the country on a ranch with horses and cows. Still, when Greg turned 16, he had run out of options. After multiple placements and high schools, it was clear that Greg needed a new start.

After coming to Goshen Valley, Greg slowly turned a corner. After a year of continuing to struggle in school and in life, he finally made a commitment to graduate high school. Greg was extremely bright but, in his 3rd year of high school, only had enough credits to be considered a freshman. Greg promised himself that if he was given the opportunity to work ahead, he could finish 2 ½ years of high school in 9 months.

Greg graduated high school in December 2012. He never worked so hard in his life, but he truly believed that he could do it.

Below is Greg’s personal testimony of his life and decisions that led him to where he is today.