Chase’s Story

Picture a 7-year-old boy. He has a younger sister. This child grew up watching his parents physically assault each other over anything from bills, to the despair of poverty, to lack of food. The father is addicted to drugs and very abusive to his mom and two children. His mom is angry and is also addicted to drugs. She has no ability to provide for her children. This young boy’s dad goes to jail, and the young boy and his sister go to live with his mom’s parents.

Still amidst turmoil, the family moved around. The young boy’s mother eventually left her two children to live with a friend. He secretly worried about who would take care of him.

A step-grandmother took in the boy and his sister. For 2 years, things seemed stable, until the step-grandmother’s 18-year-old stepson moved into the home with then. Terrible things happened because of this, and the children’s lives were altered forever. The step-grandmother did what she could and moved out with the two young children. They were homeless and spent time in a women’s shelter before the grandmother realized that she could not care for the children any longer.

That morning, they were dropped off at a Department of Family and Children Services office. They cried, not wanting to leave her, but she had no choice. This young boy and his sister were separated and, over the next several years, were moved around to 16 different foster families.

Due to the struggle and significant trauma that he faced this young boy, now a young man, grew deeply hurt. He disrupted his foster home placements until he was 14. His case worker, wanting to see some significant change, took him to a group home: Goshen Valley. This was when his healing began.

This young boy, Chase, is now 21-years-old. He has lived at Goshen Valley since he was 14. Through the safety and stability, love and purpose he received, Chase graduated high school in 2011 and is a sophomore at Reinhardt University. He is in foster care leadership positions and helps other young men to remain strong and find their purpose while in foster care. Chase is still connected to his family, especially his sister, but has found his identity is truly found in his faith and triumphs.

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