3 Goshen Alumni Videos

Robert sharing his story


Goshen New Beginnings exists to lead older foster youth into thriving independence. We offer support in education, employment, and life skills, all while allowing youth to slowly transition from family-modeled living to independent life. Over the past few months we celebrated three young men completing our Goshen New Beginnings program!

Zach is a junior at Georgia State University. He has overcome a great deal of trials in his life, and is pursuing a career as a sales manager. He is leaving Goshen with his own car, an emergency fund, a support family, and a stable job. When asked about what sticks out about Goshen, Zach said “I don’t know where I’d be without Goshen. When I think of Goshen, I think of family.” Click here to watch Zach share more of his story. 

Sebastian has grown into a healthy young man in his 4 years since coming to Goshen. He entered foster care when his mother called DFCS to take him. Sebastian credits the mental health therapists at Goshen for a lot of his growth. Sebastian says that his therapist “helped me with forgiving my family and my personal issues.” Sebastian is excited at the chance to share his story with others, hoping that it inspires more people to become foster parents. Click here to watch Sebastian share more of his story.

Robert is currently at Basic Training for the United States Army, making him the 10th Goshen alumni to serve in the United States Military. He grew up moving around frequently, and says he had a hard time trusting people. Robert says that at Goshen he found stability, and he found a lot of great people that he can trust. “I think I’m leaving Goshen with a family, and it’s a big old family!” Click here to watch Robert share more of his story.

Thank you for making stories like their possible. These 3 young men, and the 115 youth in our care today, have much brighter futures because of Goshen’s loyal donors and partners. Thank you all for being part of the Goshen Family!