A Letter from our CEO.

To our Goshen Family,

People often ask me what makes Goshen special. My answer is that everything starts with relationships. Trust is born out of relationship, respect is born out of relationship, and belief in one another is born out of relationship.

Transformation in the life of someone who has experienced trauma doesn’t happen as a result of infrequent, fluid connections but through steady and consistent interaction. It happens through a caring person being present in the good times and the bad. It happens through establishing a healthy boundary of empathy without enabling.

In a time of challenging labor shortages, Goshen has been blessed with a called and consistent staff. If I could wave a magic wand I would allow each of you, who have made so much possible in the life of our ministry, to have the opportunity to shadow one of our house parents, foster parents, or case workers for a day. These men and women care deeply and individually for our kids. They make daily sacrifices and engage in the challenging work of seeing the children’s complex needs. As a result, deep, genuine, trusting relationships are forged. It is not by coincidence or by chance that our kids heal from their hurts, do better in school, and learn to establish healthy friendships. It is due to the example set for them and the grace that is extended to them when our team works together to ensure that they might live to their full potential.

Our story has been a good one thus far, but there is more to write. There are chapters on how Goshen can establish similar relationships with at-risk families through preventive services such as counseling and parent education. I also believe that there is a chapter in which Goshen serves teenage girls through the opening of therapeutic foster homes. Just as you have supported us this far, we will need you all with us on that next journey.

We’ve navigated uncharted waters in the past 18 months. We have been challenged, but we are stronger for it. Through it all you never left our side, and your constant presence has made all the difference. You have allowed the Goshen Valley Foundation to be built on rock, not on sand. A foundation built to last.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays,

Zach Blend | CEO Goshen Valley Foundation