The Burden of Broken Relationships

Our entire world is built on relationships.  This is how our minds and bodies develop and grow.  It is no secret that the nurturing and intentional love of a caretaker is vital to the survival of a newborn.  Trauma, lack of stimulus and relationship as an infant can affect the overall development of a child’s entire being.Trik Android

The reality is that all young people in foster care suffer from broken relationships.  Whether these relationships were fractured willingly, unwillingly or even through the circumstance of illness or death, all young people carry a deep sense of loss and mistrust with them.

In addition, many young people in foster care live at several different placements within the course of a few years.  Young men have difficulty making real friendships at school or in the homes where they live for fear they will be moved as soon as they get to know someone.

Often times, the burden of broken relationships affects young men spiritually as well.  The question of “why me” or “why didn’t you help me” is an obvious one to ask God.  Though many young men cling to God all the more, they still wrestle with this relationship.