Remembering Rabbi Gary

Today, with grieving hearts, Goshen Valley helped to celebrate the life of an important part of our family: Rabbi Gary Maxted. Rabbi Gary was our faithful, dedicated bus driver. Each morning at 7:30 a.m., Gary arrived at Goshen Valley to pick up 26 of our young men in order to transport them to school. As you can imagine, this job was not for the faint of heart!

With tough love, Gary built a relationship with each young man that rode with him. Some days were great. Other days were a challenge. Gary worked with Goshen Valley staff and house parents daily to encourage, correct and guide our young men. He was truly part of our family.

Three weeks ago during Atlanta’s ice storm, Rabbi Gary spent 6 hours working to get the young men of Goshen Valley to their home. On top of the ice, gridlock traffic and bad weather, the bus was hit head-on by a truck. During the ordeal, his message to the staff at Goshen Valley remained, “I’m still coming.” After dropping our young men off at 7:30 p.m. that evening, Rabbi Gary attempted to get himself home. By 9:30 that evening, he was forced to abandon his bus (by school district recommendation) and walk 5 miles to his home.

Gary was a bus driver in order to be a servant. Driving our young men was a way for him to be an influence in their lives in an unlikely environment. Gary would pray for the young men of Goshen Valley each night as he offered his influence as a source of consistent love.

Rabbi Gary Maxted passed away on Sunday, February 22nd. Click this link for information on the memorial fund for Rabbi Gary.