Reflections from 2014 Summer Academy Interns

Throughout the year, the Goshen Valley Academy provides young men with opportunities to have some fun while on the ranch, especially during the summer months. Starting in 2005, the Academy was once just a summer camp, but has evolved to be so much more. From tutoring to field trips to service opportunities during school holidays, Goshen Valley Academy is a daily intensive program where young men can play sports, work, grow spiritually, catch up or get ahead in school or just enjoy some fun time off….all year long.

With so much going on at the Academy, we rely heavily on the community to help run the Academy. Volunteer tutors, interns and partnerships make it a true success. The young men get an experience they won’t forget.

Reflections from 2014 Summer Academy Interns

“It’s been the best summer of my three years at Goshen Valley. I loved seeing each and every kid grow—some moving from boys to mature men and others giving up what they wanted so someone else could have joy. I’m very thankful to have been a part of Goshen Valley.” – Nick Rowell

“This summer has been the best yet. The kids were incredible, the leaders were great, and Michael did a great job organizing it all. We had a lot of large group activities like football, basketball, soccer and ultimate Frisbee. We also divided the kids into groups to get to know them on a more personal level and encourage team bonding. Hearing the kid’s stories and struggles was eye-opening and being able to help them work through some of their struggles was a major blessing.” – Dalton Porche

“This summer was life changing with the boys on the ranch. The relationships made throughout the summer were unforgettable. As well as strengthening their walks with Christ, my relationship with God got stronger. During the last few weeks, you could see the boys finally dropping all resentment towards one another and just loving. I hope to come back again next year!” – Ben Rowell

Goshen Valley in United Way of Greater Atlanta Community Report

United Way of Greater Atlanta featured Goshen Valley in the education section of their 2014 Community Report, focusing on one of our best success stories of Chase,  a young man who went from Burden to Blessing while at Goshen Valley.


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