Looking for a job that makes a difference?

Houseparent couples at Goshen change the world for vulnerable youth

Unfortunately, foster youth often experience lifelong struggles

Do you feel inspired to make a difference, ensuring these vulnerable youth do not become statistics?

That is exactly what Goshen Houseparents get paid to do every day!

The Goshen Houseparent program is a live-in position for mission-minded couples. Each Houseparent couple lives in a house with 7 young men in foster care age 10-18.

Houseparent couples work a 3 week on, 1 week off rotation, receive a full-time salary with paid health benefits, and receive paid housing.

There are three things we want all of our kids to experience

The safety of a home

Coming from environments of abuse, neglect, or abandonment, some of our boys have never had their basic needs met.

The love of a family

“They are the first adults to ever tell me that they love me.” -a 12-year-old boy recently talking about his houseparents.

The hope of a future

Education, theraputic, and athletic support staff partner with you to ensure our kids have a bright future ahead.

You could call this place home for the next 2+ years!

Check out the virtual tour of Goshen Valley Boys Ranch. Located on a 300 acre former horse farm, you would have access to all of the beauty and features of The Ranch while you change the world for the boys in your home.

Curious what life would look like as a houseparent?

In addition to the weekday schedule, you have weekends with the boys to go on outings, play sports, and attend a local church. Plus, with the three week on, 1 week off rotation, you have 1 full week each month to recharge and travel as a couple!

You have what it takes to change their world forever!

We don’t expect you to come in as a childcare expert. If both of you are energetic, mature in your faith, and have a solid relationship with your spouse, we will equip you with the rest.

Want to learn more about how you would be equipped to change the world for vulnerable youth? Download our full Houseparent Guide!

Download our Full Houseparent Guide to learn more

Goshen Houseparent Guide

Q&A with Houseparents Gwen and Willie

We saw a need and a door opened that allowed us to do what had been in our heart all along. We love working with disadvantaged young people.

Seeing the child transform while here. There is a gap in preparing kids for the world-We get to fill that gap with kindness, grace, mercy, structure and understanding.

Finding a balance between your family and the boys. You have to keep your marriage and your relationships with your biological family healthy while also being very invested in the boys.

Willie: I immediately LOVED houseparenting. I was in 7th heaven. I invested all my time in the boys and loved every minute of it. However, I soon realized that I got on the roller coaster, but forgot my partner. She was trying to find her place in the house with the boys and I was telling her to come over instead of taking her hand, supporting her, and leading her there.

Gwen: The depth of relationships we have with kids. We have made life long connections with children we worked with 15 years ago.

You must BOTH desire to do this work. It is not babysitting. You will be challenged and stressed beyond what you can imagine, but the joy of the Lord can be your strength. It is a labor, but if you know WHO is driving you, You can be used by God and find such purpose in the work.

Houseparents Gwen and Willie

Q&A with Boys in Goshen Valley Boys Ranch

What is important to you in a houseparent?

Someone who cares and supports who I am.

Accepting me for who I am-my personality and interests.

Someone who is nice, funny, keeps the house clean, pulls me to the side when correcting me and makes good food!

Someone who doesn’t yell, is funny, shares positive thoughts, takes care of us and gets us what we need.

Download our Full Houseparent Guide to learn more

Goshen Houseparent Guide

Curious about houseparenting? Send us a message, we would love to talk with you!