LoveLoud Visits Goshen Valley for a 6th Year

Goshen was buzzing with new and old friends from First Baptist Church of Woodstock (FBCW) on Saturday, October 19th. For the 6th year, FBCW sent over 250 LoveLoud servants to participate in a 3-day service event, giving a yearly upgrade to the Ranch. Men, women and families came to do everything from staining decks, building fences and fixing cars to delivering meals and building relationships with our staff and young men.

Goshen Valley Academy continued for its second year of LoveLoud. Young men learned specific skills, taught by professionals, of carpentry, car maintenance, electrical work and HVAC maintenance. Every young man earned a certificate of accomplishment.

More than the work accomplished, we are grateful for the continued relationships that begin at LoveLoud. So many of our closest partners were once weekend visitors at LoveLoud and have built a life-long relationship with our staff and young men. Thank you to those who served this year. We look forward to having you back!


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