Jim’s Story

Jim’s father was never in the picture. He left when Jim was just a baby. Even though Jim grew up without a dad, things were good most of the time. He and his mom did not have much money. Sometimes it was difficult for Jim’s mom to keep watch over him since she worked 2 part-time jobs to help pay their rent. With extra freedom, Jim would get in trouble on occasion and sometimes did poorly in school.

All of this changed when Jim’s mom got sick. His grandmother tried to help, but she was very old herself. Jim missed school a lot in order to take care of his mother.

Jim’s mother died when he was in 8th grade. A couple of family friends and relatives tried to care for Jim. They loved him, but they had a very difficult time controlling a young man who experienced lots of freedom and deep hurts.

A year after his mother’s death, Jim was put into the foster care system because of truancy. Jim had a difficult time dealing with the grief of his mother’s death. Jim also had a difficult time attending school since he had spent so much time on his own.

Jim arrived at Goshen Valley his freshman year of high school. Defined by his sense of “independence” he had gained from having very little family and a life of his own decisions, Jim struggled. He struggled to value relationships and his school work. He often wondered who he really was. He missed his mother.

At Goshen Valley, Jim met other young men like himself. In fact, several young men had also lost their mothers. Slowly Jim opened up and began to trust again. Jim received counseling for his loss and opportunities to excel in things he enjoyed. Jim has lived at Goshen Valley for 2 years and is looking forward to High School graduation.