First Annual Goshen Valley Founder’s Day!

Goshen Valley Celebrates the First Annual Founders Day

On Friday, October 7th 2022, the staff at Goshen Valley came together to celebrate the First Annual Founders Day!

Founders Day honors all those that have served as part of Goshen Valley over the past 23 years. For the First Annual celebration, we hosted a field day full of crazy games, food, and fun for every staff member at Goshen Valley. The day kicked off with Atlanta Sport and Social Club providing an array of competitions for the staff. Right off the bat, all of the staff members split into teams, donning their team colors and face paint to match.

Atlanta Sport refereed and kept score as all of the teams worked their way through the various games, ending with Tug-of-War. Though there was some heavy competition (and even some smack-talking), the Green Team emerged with the win! 

After the games, everyone came back together for lunch, catered by Choate BBQ. As all of the staff members mingled and refueled, Goshen Valley CEO, Zach Blend, spoke a few words of thanks and in doing so honored his father, Goshen’s founder:

“To see all of you gathered here is a testament to John’s vision and his faith in what Goshen could one day become. We’ve proven that collectively we can drive successful outcomes for children and families. As we lean into our vision, I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.”

Goshen values community, service, and faith. This First Annual Founders Day was a reminder of all that has been accomplished and those things still to be accomplished while we celebrated each other. As the day wound down, it was hard to miss the chatter about how grateful everyone was to fellowship and bond with one another.

Now going forward, we remember that day and we remember those values as we continue to serve foster youth and fractured families across North Georgia.

Thank you to MesmerEyes Media for DJing and Photographing the event.