Goshen Family Resource Center

Goshen Valley Announces the Goshen Family Resource Center

On Thursday, March 2nd 2023, Goshen Valley Foundation sponsored the March “Good Morning Cherokee” breakfast in partnership with SouthState Bank.

This event, put on by the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce, served as a platform for the official announcement of the Goshen Family Resource Center to our local community.

Goshen Valley’s Director of Development, Evan Ingram, stepped on stage first and spoke about Goshen’s three programs that serve children in foster care. He reminded everyone what it might feel like to be a child in school being called to the principal’s office, only to be told you wouldn’t be going home to your family that day. Evan spoke to Goshen Valley’s mission: bringing Peace and Purpose to youth in foster care. 

With this mission in mind, he introduced Goshen’s CEO, Zach Blend, to speak about Goshen’s vision in bringing this same Peace and Purpose to families all over the region by targeting root cause issues at the Goshen Family Resource Center.

“A few years ago, we started to discuss the concept of prevention. Prevention with standard, prevention with class, prevention with that same sense of outcomes that you all have come to expect from Goshen. We started that discussion around root cause issues that are the reasons behind why kids end up in foster care,” Zach states.

He spoke to these root cause issues, such as incarceration, affordable housing, employment security, addiction, and mental and behavioral health. These are not only issues that cause families to fracture and kids to enter foster care, but they’re also common issues that families everywhere struggle with. At the Goshen Family Resource Center, home of Goshen Therapeutic Services, Goshen aims to provide services to address these root cause issues.

Goshen Therapeutic Services (GTS), founded in 2019, will call the Family Resource Center home. Since its inception, GTS has grown to serve 2,440 clients across more than 19 counties in 2022, and that number is set to expand even more in 2023. Due to this rapid expansion Goshen Therapeutic Services needed a new home…

Largely due to the receipt of ARPA funding, Goshen Valley was able to purchase and begin renovations on 230 Marietta Hwy. Canton, GA 30114 as a hub for therapeutic and family support services as the Goshen Family Resource Center.

Located in the heart of Canton, Georgia, this facility will be home to Goshen Therapeutic Services, where GTS will provide essential services to those in the community in need. Services are to include individual and family therapy, insurance based services, group counseling, psychiatry, family visitation, and a community navigator initiative to help those in need find the organizations and resources that can aid them.

The mission behind the Goshen Family Resource Center is the same: providing peace and purpose to our community. This time, Goshen looks through the lens of prevention through root cause solutions. 

Goshen looks to open the Family Resource Center in 2023 after the launch of a fundraising initiative in the coming months.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for additional information on how to be involved.