Golf Classic Basket

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Thank you all for your interest in creating a gift basket for our Goshen Valley Golf Classic. As a lovers of gift baskets and the thoughtfulness that go into them, we are excited you are contributing to Goshen Valley in such a fun and creative way. Below you will find some ideas for the baskets we would like to present at the tournament. If you have a creative basket you think would work, let us know! We ask that you either complete the basket in its entirety or you work with a group to complete the basket so we can easily maintain the total items donated. Let us know what basket you decide to create so we can keep track of what baskets are done. Each basket should value at around $100-$150 dollars.

Once finished with the basket, email [email protected] for next steps. We would love for all baskets to be submitted by October 6th.

If you are a little busy and would rather donate financially, please go to the Donate page. There, you can contribute a single donation. At the bottom of the single donation, it says “in Memory of/in honor of” and “Notes.” Please make sure to make note that the donation is for the Golf Classic Gift Baskets.

Here are some ideas for some Gift Baskets:

  • Italian/Cooking basket: gift card for a cooking class, cooking tools, noodles and sauce.
  • City of Canton basket: gift card to local restaurant, Canton related items (sign/towel/mug etc.)
  • Lottery ticket basket: an array of different lottery tickets.
  • Date night basket: different gift cards for date night.
  • Create your own: email [email protected] with your idea of a fun basket.

We are so thankful you are taking time to be involved with the Golf Classic! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Back 2 School Campaign

As Goshen Valley approaches caring for 90 youth, the cost of back to school season is rising. Will you help us make the 2017-2018 school year a great success for those we serve?

Our goal is to raise $9,000 worth of gift cards and monetary donations to help kick start the school year. Whether it’s book money for a young woman at Reinhardt, a gas card for a boy driving to high school, or a clothing gift card so a child gets to pick their own back to school outfit, your donation will help our youth start the year with confidence.

Your investment into Goshen Valley has made a way for our young men and women to feel successful and important. Every gift will help us surround them with the peace and purpose needed to make the 2017-2018 school year the best they've ever had!

There are two ways you can give to the Back2School campaign:

1. To donate a gift card, please send them to our Canton office:
505 Brown Industrial Parkway
Suite 200
Canton, GA 30114

2.  If you would like to send a special gift to help our youth with purchasing new clothes, a haircut, and fresh supplies, use the donation form below.

Goshen Graduates- Defying the Odds

  • The statistics show that only 50% of youth in foster care will receive a high school diploma.
  • Only 10% of former foster youth will attend college.

Graduating high school is an accomplishment to be celebrated for any teenager, but especially for youth in foster care. We want to highlight the youth in our care that have achieved this great milestone while being away from their parents and family support. We are extremely proud of each of them and the next steps they are making! Each graduate is attending college and continuing to grow with peace and purpose.

Your investment into Goshen Valley has made a way for these young people to succeed. Every gift given was utilized to surround them with the safety of a home, love of a family and hope for the future. We hope you enjoy seeing the fruits of your support!

If you would like to participate in the $50 for 5 campaign you can give a special gift in honor of our graduates below:

Summer Needs: Comfort Kits and More

As summer approaches, Goshen Valley has a variety of ways that you can help our youth have an amazing summer break! We are highlighting “Comfort Kits” as a special current need, and we also have several other ways your small group, business, or family can partner with Goshen in this season.

Goshen Valley Boys Ranch is in need of six comfort kits. These kits are designed to help our boys feel at home during what can be a tough transition into foster care. Many of our boys have trouble sleeping, and we want to provide each house with a kit that can help. If your family or small group would like to put one together please let us know.

Suggested items:
Soft blankets
Sound machines
Lava lamps
Clock radios
Night lights
Essential Oils
Stuffed animals that shine stars on ceiling
Plush pillows
Weighted blankets

In addition to this special current need, below are additional ways that you can partner with Goshen over the summer to help our boys have an amazing summer break!

Summer needs:
Meals delivered to homes
Off campus rec trips for a house or the whole Ranch
Access to water activities (invite a house to your pool, take a house to the lake, etc)
Pressure wash a house
Paint a deck
Soccer goals
Life jackets
Gift cards to use as event prizes

For more information, or to commit to one of the listed items, please email Evan Ingram: [email protected]