Lighting the Path: Goshen Valley's 25th Anniversary Celebration

Welcome to a year of celebration as we embark on the journey of commemorating Goshen Valley's 25th Anniversary. This milestone marks a quarter of a century filled with compassion, community, and transformation. Throughout this year, we invite you to join us in celebrating Goshen Valley's remarkable journey, a journey that has illuminated countless lives and fostered a profound sense of community. 


Embracing Transformation 

Goshen Valley's 25-year history has been a testament to resilience, dedication, and transformation. The overarching theme guiding our commemoration throughout the year is "Light the Path," a theme that symbolizes our commitment to illuminating the way for foster kids, young adults, foster parents, and families in need. In the upcoming months, we will explore the details of our inception, spotlighting founders, and initial partners, showcasing our diverse programs, celebrating the dedication of our employees, and setting our sights on the promising future that awaits us in the next 25 years. 

A Resilient Legacy 

As we reflect on the past, we celebrate the visionaries and pioneers who laid the foundation for Goshen Valley. The unwavering dedication and passion of these individuals have shaped the organization into a beacon of support and care. In the coming weeks, we will share untold stories of our founders and the invaluable individuals who supported them in the early stages. Community members, churches, and companies joined forces with Goshen Valley years ago, contributing to the realization of our vision and mission for the families in our community. 

Paving the Way in Foster Care 

Goshen Valley's commitment to lighting the way, particularly within the realm of foster care, has been unwavering. Our collective efforts have paved a radiant path, leading to countless success stories and heightened community involvement. While not every narrative concludes with a perfect ending, each story is unique, important, and worthy of being shared. Join us as we dive into the tales that define our impact and underline the importance of our shared journey. 

Be a Part of the Celebration 

This anniversary year promises to be a beacon of hope, and we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to be an integral part of this luminous celebration. Throughout the year, anticipate captivating stories, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and special moments that define Goshen Valley's 25-year legacy. Join the conversation on social media using #Goshen25 to share your stories and memories. 

"As Goshen Valley Foundation marks 25 impactful years, we joyously celebrate our commitment to 'Light the Path' for our community. Over the past 25 years, Goshen Valley has made a life-changing impact on thousands of lives, but in every circumstance, we were simply given the opportunity to guide that child or adult, through love and services, as they walked down their road of life. It is our truest desire that Goshen Valley can be a light to others in dark times, that the path of a child or young person or an adult might be brighter, clearer, and more hopeful. Beyond commemorating milestones and highlighting programs, this anniversary symbolizes the illumination of the extraordinary journey we have traveled together. Through compelling stories, thoughtful reflections, and heartfelt conversations, we warmly invite our community to unite with us in shaping a brighter future. This special year is dedicated to you—our supporters, partners, and the families we have touched. Together, let's illuminate the remarkable path we've shared and continue building a brighter, hopeful future." - Zach Blend, CEO 

As we embark on this illuminating year of celebration, we extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has been a part of Goshen Valley's journey. Your support has been the guiding light, brightening the path for those we serve. Here's to 25 years of dedication, and to the countless bright moments that lie ahead! Stay tuned for more updates, stories, and celebrations as we Light the Path together. 


With heartfelt gratitude,  

The Goshen Valley Team 


Give, Serve, Love with Woodstock City Church

Be Rich Volunteers  

During the last few months of 2024, Woodstock City Church volunteers dedicated themselves to service with Goshen Valley Foundation during the Be Rich season. Over 485 passionate individuals, including many of you from our community, came together in a collective effort to contribute more than 970 hours of their time. Some of the projects these volunteers worked on included landscaping, holiday decorations, gift wrapping and putting together care packages for mothers in need. These efforts filled our spaces with an abundance of Christmas spirit! Each group of volunteers shared a commitment to creating a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere during this holiday season.

Building Foundations of Hope 

Our newest program, the Goshen Family Resource Center, underwent a significant renovation this year, thanks to the Be Rich funding provided by Woodstock City Church.  

The Goshen Family Resource Center stands as a beacon of hope, offering therapeutic and clinical services to vulnerable families in our community. The center plays a crucial role in preventing foster care placements by providing support to families during challenging times. Additionally, it acts as a resource for families working towards reunification after foster care placement. This initiative aligns perfectly with Woodstock City Church's commitment to making a lasting impact on the lives of others.  

Looking Ahead 

As we transition into the new year and end this extraordinary Be Rich season, the impact of Woodstock City Church's commitment to giving, serving, and loving resonates throughout Goshen Valley. The transformative power of community collaboration has left a lasting mark on our homes, our families, and our hearts. As we look forward to the rest of 2024, the spirit of community and compassion continues to be the guiding force. Woodstock City Church, through its unwavering dedication and the generosity of its members, has set the stage for a future filled with hope, kindness, and continued impact.