2023 Goshen Valley Volunteers of the Year

2023 Goshen Valley Volunteers of the Year

On Wednesday, May 10th, Goshen Valley staff gathered together to celebrate and recognize their

2023 volunteers of the year at the 2023 Goshen Volunteer Luncheon. 

Each department at Goshen is asked to consider and nominate a special volunteer who goes above and beyond to support the mission and the youth and families being cared for by Goshen Valley. Considerations were made by Goshen Valley Boys Ranch, Goshen Homes, Goshen New Beginnings, Goshen Therapeutic Services, and Goshen Community Development. Once nominations were made, we invited the nominees and the Goshen staff to come together and recognize their incredible contributions.

Zach Blend, Goshen Valley CEO kicked off the luncheon with these words “We can’t do this work alone. We rely on these men and women who are willing to go the extra mile, who are willing to understand the delicacy of this ministry, and who are willing to give their time and efforts to sustain and scale the work we know God is doing through Goshen Valley.

Zach speaks to the importance of our volunteers and our community, and how heavily it impacts the lives of the kids and families that we serve. 

Next, leaders from each program came to recognize these volunteers:

Goshen Valley Boys Ranch
Jody & Toby Sklar

Goshen New Beginnings
Bruce Purvis

Goshen Homes
D’Anna Liber

Goshen Therapeutic Services
Lucy Shelton

Goshen Community Development
Dale Alexander & Steven Johnson

The staff members, youth, and families at Goshen are deeply impacted by the work of these volunteers, and we are so grateful and privileged to have them serving our kids day after day. 

Thank you to all of you who volunteer for helping to change the lives of the foster youth and families we serve.