Houseparent FAQ

What is a Houseparent?

A Houseparent Couple provides loving support, consistency and discipline to a group of boys who live with them. The couple cares for the needs of each boy including educational, emotional, mental and physical care. Each home functions as a family unit within the guidelines of the Ranch. Houseparents work a 3 week on, 1 week off schedule.


What is a Respite Houseparent?

Respite Houseparents provide care and love for the boys while the Primary Houseparents are off. They are assigned to two specific houses which allows them to build relationships and provide consistency for the boys. Respite Houseparents work a 2 week on, 2 week off schedule.


Tell me more about the kids…

All of the kids admitted to GVBR are boys. The average age of the boys is 11-14 years old. We do care for a few as young as 9 and as old as 18. The boys have been removed from their homes by the GA Division of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS) for a variety of reasons including neglect, drug use and truancy. Most of the boys lack basic foundational skills as they have been raising themselves. Our goal is to teach them these skills and help prepare them for their future. The average stay for our boys is 6-8 months. They are often reunited with family.


What is the ranch culture like?

Founded in 2000, GVBR is comprised of 160 acres with 6 homes. Each home houses 6-8 boys and includes an attached Houseparent and Respite quarters. Our Houseparents vary in age and experience but all have a heart for ministering to these boys with the love of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to create and maintain a community that supports one another and the growth of our boys. We support the boys educationally through tutoring and a full time Education Specialist who works with the school system to ensure appropriate support. Additionally, on campus counseling is provided for each boy weekly. Boys attend church with their Houseparents every Sunday and often on Wednesday night for youth group.


How do we maintain behavior standards?

We use a behavior management program which encourages the boys to make positive life choices that allow them to earn the privileges that are important to them. We believe that teaching them to take accountability for their actions and choices is important for their success in life.


Where do the boys attend school?

All of our boys attend public school in Cherokee County. The Education Specialist is the liaison between the schools and the ranch. Houseparents are not required to attend meetings at the local schools.


What sort of training is required and provided?

Many of our Houseparents have never been involved in this type of ministry. Initial and yearly training is required to maintain standards. Additionally, we require and offer CPR/FAS, Safety Care, De-escalation Techniques, Behavior Management, Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), and other weekly trainings to support the growth and needs of our staff.


How do you feel about biological children?

Houseparent quarters are adequate for staff to maintain a family of up to two children. This job is very challenging for families with more than one child under the age of 5. It is also important to remember that the campus houses primarily middle and high school boys from a wide variety of backgrounds so having girls on campus can present a challenge.

Respite Houseparent quarters do not provide space for children.


May I bring pets?

Yes, we are a ranch and allow pets with consideration. You must maintain all shots, and the pets must get along with adults and children. Respite Houseparents need to be considerate of any house concerns.


What are the House finances like?

Each house is given a food budget based on the number of people (including Houseparents) in the house. Additionally, there is a recreation budget and the boys receive a monthly allowance. The House is provided with a debit card and a credit card to maintain the needs of the home.


What benefits are offered?

Full time employees of GVBR are eligible for full insurance (medical, dental, eye) immediately upon hire. A 401K is offered after a year of employment. Primary Houseparents also received a stipend for food during their respite. Respite housing is provided for Primary Houseparents and is available for Respite Houseparents upon request.

If houseparenting interests you, we would love to connect and talk more!