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Thank you all for your interest in creating a gift basket for our Goshen Valley Golf Classic. As a lovers of gift baskets and the thoughtfulness that go into them, we are excited you are contributing to Goshen Valley in such a fun and creative way. Below you will find some ideas for the baskets we would like to present at the tournament. If you have a creative basket you think would work, let us know! We ask that you either complete the basket in its entirety or you work with a group to complete the basket so we can easily maintain the total items donated. Let us know what basket you decide to create so we can keep track of what baskets are done. Each basket should value at around $100-$150 dollars.

Once finished with the basket, email [email protected] for next steps. We would love for all baskets to be submitted by October 6th.

If you are a little busy and would rather donate financially, please go to the Donate page. There, you can contribute a single donation. At the bottom of the single donation, it says “in Memory of/in honor of” and “Notes.” Please make sure to make note that the donation is for the Golf Classic Gift Baskets.

Here are some ideas for some Gift Baskets:

  • Italian/Cooking basket: gift card for a cooking class, cooking tools, noodles and sauce.
  • City of Canton basket: gift card to local restaurant, Canton related items (sign/towel/mug etc.)
  • Lottery ticket basket: an array of different lottery tickets.
  • Date night basket: different gift cards for date night.
  • Create your own: email [email protected] with your idea of a fun basket.

We are so thankful you are taking time to be involved with the Golf Classic! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!