Are you a college student interested in working with the boys at Goshen Valley?

Consider joining the Goshen Valley Fellows program.

Goshen Valley Fellows work directly with our boys for 15-20 hours each week  helping with homework, driving to tutoring and counseling, facilitating recreational activities, and assisting with off-campus trips, all while generally mentoring our boys.

The Fellowship Program is a multi-tiered program.  The first tier encompasses a one semester unpaid fellowship in exchange for class credit.  After completion of the first tier, a fellow has the opportunity to stay with Goshen and move into the second tier part-time paid position of the program.  Both tiers work directly with Goshen Valley boys for 15-20 hours each week,  3 to 4 days a week.

When asked about her experience in the program, Angela, a senior at Reinhardt University, said the following; “The Goshen Valley Fellows Program is an experience of a lifetime. Being able to build relationships, entertain, mediate, and teach these young boys is the most rewarding job I could have ever asked for. Not only does it mean the world to them, but it means the world to me as well.”

For more information, email Megan Cortland :